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    221407 - Paint & Snack for Kids

    Kids love these new painting events! We provide the supplies and instruction and you bring the talent, snacks and drinks (CC)

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    Add to Cart221407-02Paint & Snack for Ki12/07/17- 12/07/17Th 4:00P- 5:30PNature Center$20/$227 years to under 16 yearsAvailableItem Details

    221410 - Raptors in Your Neighborhood

    Did you know that many Birds of Prey (also known as Raptors) can be found in our area? Join us to see our Owls, Hawks and Falcons up close.

    Learn fascinating facts like how they hunt, their special senses and characteristics, how to recognize them by sight and sound, and much more. We will explore predator/prey relationships and the important role they have in our ecosystem. You will have a new understanding and a deep appreciation of these truly wild creatures that live among us.

    8 years and under must be accompanied by a paying adult.

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    Add to Cart221410-01Raptors in Your Neig11/11/17- 11/11/17Sa 2:00P- 2:45PNature Center$7/$95 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    221417 - Dissecting Owl Pellets

    Learn about the eating habits of the owls living at Springbrook Nature Center.
    Do you know what an owl pellet is? Owls usually swallow their prey whole, and they regurgitate what they could not digest. See the various owls we have, the kind of food they eat, what happens when they eat, and get to investigate a pellet to see if we can figure out from the bones in the remains what the prey was. (CC)

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    Add to Cart221417-01Dissect Owl Pellets12/02/17- 12/02/17Sa 2:00P- 2:45PNature Center$7/$95 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    221418 - Wacky Science Experiments

    Come explore the wonders of science through cool and exciting experiments. These science trials will keep your kids thinking and having fun! All experiments will be safe and under close supervision. (CC)

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    Add to Cart221418-01Wacky Science Experi11/04/17- 11/04/17Sa 1:00P- 2:00PNature Center$7/$96 years to 11 yearsAvailableItem Details

    221422 - Paint & Pour with a Twist

    Looking for a fun night out with your friends? Look no further! Join us at the Nature Center for an inspirational night of painting your very own wine glasses or door decors. We will provide the supplies for your masterpiece, however the drinks are BYOB. Please drink responsibly as you are guided step by step to create beautiful works of art. (CC)

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    Add to Cart221422-03Paint & Pour with a11/10/17- 11/10/17F 7:00P- 9:00PNature Center$27.50/$29.5021 years and UpAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart221422-04Paint & Pour with a12/15/17- 12/15/17F 7:00P- 9:00PNature Center$27.50/$29.5021 years and UpAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart221422-05Paint & Pour with a12/17/17- 12/17/17Su 2:00P- 4:00PNature Center$27.50/$29.5021 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    531400 - Junior Naturalist Club

    Do you want to learn more about nature and how we can help protect it? Maybe you like to fish, canoe, hike, camp, and roast marshmallows. If this sounds exciting, you should become a Junior Naturalist (JN). The JN club is a group of kids that love to have a good time and help out. The JNs explore, hike, work special events and restoration projects, take care of the animals in the building and much more! This club meets once a week, usually on Fridays at the Nature Center. A newsletter with dates, times, activities and other important information is provided.

    Spots are limited in this club, so don't miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity! You can reach Chris at (630) 773-2257 with any questions. (CC)

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    Read Notice531400-01JN Club01/02/17- 01/01/2099F 5:00P- 6:00PNature Center$09 years to under 16 yearsFullItem Details
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